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    We believe in the good news that Jesus came into this world to enable us to understand that God loves us and wants us to know him as our Father.   Jesus gave His life for us to restore that relationship. We would love to share this good news with you and you are welcome at any of our services or events. 

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    August - Message from Elizabeth 

    We’re all going on a summer holiday … 

    Our word holiday comes from the tradition of taking time off work for a Holy Day. In the middle ages, religious festivals were a big chance to take some time off and have fun. Now holidays conjure up images of sandy beaches, luxurious hotels and warm sunshine. Holidays are something that we look forward to each year to see somewhere new, enjoy the sun and have a time of relaxation. 


    Hopefully our holidays live up to our expectations. Sometimes when children have squabbled on the car journey, the flights are delayed or you arrive back to a pile of post and emails, it can be tempting to think that maybe life would be easier without a holiday.


    But taking time out of our routine and familiar surroundings has real benefits. There is the chance to spend more time with family and friends, to experience life differently in a new environment and have a different rhythm to the day. Getting away and taking a break also helps us to re-charge spiritually. During the summer months we have a break from our regular meetings, which hopefully allows us to come back refreshed. Jesus also took time out, to go into the desert to reflect and pray, and after His death He arranged a picnic on the beach for His friends. If Jesus enjoyed a break then surely so can we. And if we make time to pray and enjoy the surroundings God has given to us, then we make our holidays holy days as well.



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