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    We believe in the good news that Jesus came into this world to enable us to understand that God loves us and wants us to know him as our Father.   Jesus gave His life for us to restore that relationship. We would love to share this good news with you and you are welcome at any of our services or events. 

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    July Message from Elizabeth 

    Now that the nice weather has come, our thoughts turn to holidays and days out. Maybe over the next few weeks you will head off to the beach, with its sandcastles, donkeys and piers. And to complete the holiday picture, a lot of seaside resorts have a lighthouse.

    I recently read a story about a man who was a lighthouse keeper many years ago on the north-east coast. One wet and windy night, he lit a taper, and with his young grandson, began the climb to the top of the lighthouse.

    ‘What are you going to do with that light, Granddad?’ asked the boy.’

    ‘I’m going to use it to show ships out at sea where the harbour is. It’s stormy at sea tonight and some ship may be looking for a light to help guide them to safety.’

    ‘But Granddad, no ship could see that light, it’s too small.’

    ‘Wait and see,’ the old man replied.

    When they reached the top of the lighthouse, he used the taper to light the large lamps with their brightly polished reflectors. Suddenly a great blaze of light was shed for miles around.

    A lovely story but one with a message for each of us. We must never think of our light, our service, our gift, our individual contribution, as being too small. We must keep our light burning, keep on offering our gifts and leave the rest to God, for He can do marvellous things with whatever we offer. Jesus, the Light of the World, can use us to help brighten up the world.

    Enjoy your summer, whatever you do.



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