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    We believe in the good news that Jesus came into this world to enable us to understand that God loves us and wants us to know him as our Father.   Jesus gave His life for us to restore that relationship. We would love to share this good news with you and you are welcome at any of our services or events. 

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    September - Message from Elizabeth 

    Happy new year! In the Methodist church the new year begins in September. This is a time of new beginnings; children and young people go back to school, and groups and activities begin again after the summer break. As a church we also have our new extension on the playgroup complete and ready for the new term.

    For me there is another new beginning as the manse in Easingwold is changing and I am preparing to move house. Packing is not easy and I wonder how I have managed to accumulate so much stuff even in the four years I have been here. But moving is also a good opportunity for a sort-out and to get rid of things that are not needed.

    Sometimes in our lives we need to have a sort-out too. To think of what we are doing and why we do it. To think about our priorities and what we want to focus on. To maybe stop some things and start others. Throughout the Bible there are many examples of Jesus giving new life and a new start to the people He met as He forgave them and called them to follow Him. It is a gift He offers to us, no matter what our age or past.

    As we begin a new term or start up our activities, may we look again to Jesus and hear His call to follow Him.



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    Rev Elizabeth Cushion MA
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