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    We believe in the good news that Jesus came into this world to enable us to understand that God loves us and wants us to know him as our Father.   Jesus gave His life for us to restore that relationship. We would love to share this good news with you and you are welcome at any of our services or events. 

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    April - Message from Elizabeth 

    Easter Sunday started early for some of us. Like the women in the Gospel, I began the day while it was still dark. As I got ready, I was aware of a bird starting to sing outside the window. Then it was joined by a couple of others, and by the time I left home there was the full dawn chorus and ooit seemed that all of creation was joining in praise that Christ had risen. As well as lifting my spirits, it spoke to me of the message of Easter. One person in the dark discovered the resurrection, telling another and another until the message spread that the Light of the World was risen. At this time we celebrate that Jesus is alive. May we all tell of that in our words and our actions, and join our voices with the whole of creation in resurrection praise.





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    Rev Elizabeth Cushion MA
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    10:30am and 6:30pm (3:30 pm in winter) but check the Weekly Notices to confirm this.


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