Mother's Day Prayer


Today we pray for mothers to know love and joy.

And for orphans, comfort.

For not-yet mothers, hope.

For single mothers, grace.

And for those who are lonely, family.


We pray grace today

For the mothers of prodigals,

For those who’ve lost children,

And for those who don't know where their children are.


May the embrace of grace displace shame

For mums in prison,

For those who can’t feed a baby,

For those who miscarried,

And those who had an abortion.


May those who never held their own child,

For whom today is sadder than it is happy,

Know the joy of parenting sons and daughters 

Within the family of God.


For ‘as a mother comforts her child,’

says the Lord, ‘so will I comfort you;

and you will be comforted.’ (Isaiah 66:13)

(Pete Greig - Mother's Day Blessing)